Acquired Communication Disorders Facilitator

This is a comprehensive introduction to acquired communication disorders, developed exclusively for HI+VISUK.

This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to understand about acquired communication disorders and conditions that affect an ever growing cohort of older people. This training will provide a solid foundation of knowledge and provide practical solutions and skills.

This course is accredited by OCN Credit4Learning. The course has been developed by professionals in the field of speech and language therapy in health and social care settings.

Assessment is a combination of written tasks, observed practical tasks and other classroom observations. Final assessment is classroom based.

Learning Outcomes

The learner will be able to:

  • Understand the impacts

    Understand what communication is used for; and the impact of a communication disorder on the individual.

  • Understand speech, language and swallowing.

    Understand the difference between speech and language. Understand swallowing disorders.

  • Understand range and barriers

    Understand a range of communication disorders and the barriers to effective communication.

  • Understand approaches

    Understand what approaches help to improve communication.

  • Understand choices

    Understand how to assist people to make choices.

  • Understand referral

    Understand how and when to apply the appropriate referral procedures.

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Acquired Communication Disorders Communication Facilitator Application


“Such a practical hands on course. It was clear the trainers came from the speech and language field with a lot of experience and tips.”

“This has really made me think. I will be going back to the team and cascade the learning. We will be looking at how we record information about our residents.”