Level 5
Training Courses

This qualification fully meets the requirements of Section 6.92 of the Care Act 2014 in respect of an assessor trained to be a ‘Suitable Person” to manage or carry out a complex specialist deafblind assessment
  • Understand how deafblindness impacts on personal outcomes and wellbeing
  • Understand specialist communication skills or know how/when to bring in language expertise
  • Develop relevant and current knowledge of the impacts of deafblindness
  • Develop a knowledge of the causes of deafblindness identified in the national deafblind count
  • Understand and determine the difference between complex and non – complex
  • Understand assessment team requirements
  • Understand all relevant statutory requirements placed upon local authorities and the NHS etc.
  • Understand safeguarding and how to identify abuse within the context of deafblindness
  • Understand the impact of deafblindness on mental health
  • Understand the impact of deafblindness on Mental Capacity Assessments
  • Understand how the principles of Independent Advocacy relate to deafblindness
  • Understand Market Shaping duties
  • Understand the role of deafblind communicator-guides, intervenors, and deafblind support workers
  • Understand the impacts of deafblindness in children and young people
  • Understanding how to prepare for and carry out a Care Act 2014 compliant complex specialist deafblind assessment
  • Demonstrate how to coordinate and deliver a complex specialist deafblind assessment
Student led eLearning Yes
Tutor led classroom based Yes
Tutor led online Yes
Blended Learning incorporating all or some of the above



Anyone whose job role means they could be called upon to manage a Care Act 2014 specialist deafblind assessment 

Having staff members with this qualification will support the local authority named director level manager to ensure the delivery of legislation compliant deafblind duties

The course has been designed to be a personal learning and development experience for each participant. Learners will each be assigned a key course tutor who will facilitate the roll out and key milestones of the training at a pace to suit the work/home life balance of each participant

However, anyone currently holding the Hi-Vis UK Level 3 Specialist Deafblind Assessor or Level 3 Children’s and Young Persons Assessment qualification will receive accreditation for prior learning for the relevant sections of this course

the training was very insightful and informative, with lots of practical tips to take into practice

The course increased my awareness and understanding to challenges faced by those with a dual sensory impairment

The content was great.  It was clear that you are absolutely the experts in this area and I enjoyed hearing the direct experience of your colleagues

Everything from the course I can take with me and use in my everyday practice

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