Hi-VisUK will be taking over much of the pioneering work of In Good Hands, our sister deafblind support project. Work such as this collaboration with a local junior football team. Hetton Juniors Football Club is a community based family friendly club. One of the parents, Dave, knew about In Good Hands and Hi-VisUK and wondered if we could help each other.

We have been raising awareness with the junior team and their parents about how age related dual sensory loss affects older people in their families and their friend’s families.

The picture shows the team trying the visual impairment simulation glasses during one of our sessions. The children and their parents learned how to watch out for this condition in their families and learnt some basic skills that could make a massive difference to their older family members. And, every time the team play a match in the local junior league everyone will see our logo and name on their shiny new kit – raising awareness with others across the area!

Hetton Juniors and Hi-VisUK will be working together to continue the investment made by the In Good Hands project.